Producers HATE ME for Revealing these 10 Secrets

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Post 29 Aug 2019

Boombastix wrote:
28 Aug 2019
Kalm wrote:
28 Aug 2019
I randomly saw and watched this too. Half is bs half is not. Producers not knowing technics of their craft, following a formula, templates, that stuff is probably correct.

Everything else ain't a secret. It's what he found out that everyone else practically understood. . .
He is basically referring to "beat makers", not producers in the actual sense. Everyone wants to be a "producer" nowadays - creates confusion. Take "real" producers of RnB/HipHop, Teddy Riley, Scott Storch, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Babyface, and the list goes on. They can play, but many of these big productions are made in collaborative settings and you typically bring folks with different skills for a good balance. Of course there's a lot of more sample based/oriented real producers (make a list, start with Dr Dre) out there, but they surely know their MPC or Maschine to excel on it, and putting samples together is quite an art just as it is to put your fingers down to form a chord.
Formula - yes produces have been making radio format songs for decades as an example.
I get what you’re saying, but’s it’s been interchangeable due to indie artist not having a producer therefore leaving the creative decisions of the music to beat makers. I know the difference between the two but the jargon isn’t changing whether we call them producers or beat makers. Who he’s speaking will reference the same home studio “beatmaker” or “producer”
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