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Post 28 Jul 2019

I pulled up an old Instagwam thread, and noticed a bunch of spam, so I deleted my post. :cry:

Anyway, who is using Instagwam these days? :twisted:

I just started using it. I'm gonna post some musical sketches with content relating to productivity and creativity. Nothing personal or fancy. It might be a good reason to do some quick hardware jams too. :D

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Post 28 Jul 2019

grumo wrote:
14 Jul 2015
So yeah, I thought I'd start a thread to share our instagrams, if anybody wants to, here's mine, just random stuff I bump into:

:geek: Grumo's instagram :ugeek:
chimp_spanner wrote:
12 Apr 2016
@chimpspanner - how predictable!
tronam wrote:
09 Aug 2016
craven wrote:
09 Aug 2016
my account name is mandelforce, happily following back
Nirude wrote:
10 Aug 2016
nirude, me, can be found @ mniiranen :D

Just saw I have :re: -renderings there too, but mostly about my daily-life.
ejanuska wrote:
15 Dec 2016
You might find out more about me than I want you to know.
QVprod wrote:
23 Dec 2016
Why not. @qvalent
fotizimo wrote:
06 Apr 2017
Mine is @fotizimo found here:
Kenni wrote:
06 Apr 2017
@andruszkow - Only just actually started using instagram though :)

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Post 29 Jul 2019

Am I daft, or on?

Um, insta"gram" (is that what this is) is poop and some people didn't respond correctly? I don't get it.

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