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Post 13 May 2019

Apple could have saved me much frustration from my magical moving mouse by linking to this video,,, instead... they try try try to make u upgrade and spend more money for software that works on your system but not the "new" systems which quite frankly don't cut it anymore... Apple please help your customers and stop wasting our time... Watch the spinning coin... you... must... upgrade... os to fix problem....this is a recording... ... #kpvalbx=1

try to click anywhere... mouse has moved... up and down and everywhich way... crazy... never saw that one ever... at least my hard drive is not failing whew....

no words for the disgusting os upgrades they put me through last few years... 4 times I had to restore to mountain lion. 4 times... great software guys.... looking at getting a windoze next after 30 years apple user.

they actually said... most mountain lion powerbooks are dead... surprised yours works... wow
yet I have 20 year old computers that still work fine... just wow... Steve come back... please... zombi powder and nutmeg might work

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Post 13 May 2019

You will continue use Apple as Windows user does continue use Windows too like Unix users...
:reason: 10, Win10 64Bit.

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Post 13 May 2019

I was just at my friends house trying to get his brand new MPC Live ($1600) to work with his very expensive 27 inch iMac. After spending about 5 hours trying to get the MPC to register via usb (it installs drivers but doesn't work with the actual MPC software). Tried every trick in the book, read all the blogs. Only to come to the conclusion that the OS isn't fully supported.
Guess what, didn't work on his Macbook Pro either...
Sadly he is only able to get audio in from his Interface. Not the way you want to be using the MPC Live.
Next step is a full wipe of both drives and fresh install of different OS.
I just felt bad for him.

I myself am to poor for Mac although I think the design and OS look fantastic.

Pretty sure if I brought that MPC Live home, I'd be setup in about 15 minutes.

I really am not sure what the Apple guys are doing but as soon as they release a new OS it fucks everything up, always!

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Post 14 May 2019

can't agree, no problems, my cats like to sleep on my mac book air just as they liked on my windows computers. update and can always make music right after.

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Post 15 May 2019

Apple have never been big on backwards compatibility.

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Post 16 May 2019

boingy wrote:
15 May 2019
Apple have never been big on backwards compatibility.
I'm using an emagic AMT8 from 1997 (a 22 year old device) and it works flawlessly on Mojave. :puf_smile:
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