NI Maschine 2.8 drama

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Post 24 Jan 2019

Hi guys,

A quick side note before i start.. I'm loving Reason Talk at the moment. I was on the old PUF and have been here a while but don't post often as the internet can be a messy place. I spend a lot of time browsing forums, and RT has to be the finest. What a great group. And despite room for improvement, Reason is straight up one of the best pieces of software out there for production, if you take the time to wrap your head around it and find a way to resonate with it.


So NI, after delaying massive x in what looks like a bit of a bait and switch, have now announced a bunch of new hardware products, an i pad app etc, and maschine 2.8. I spend some time on the maschine forum as i do like maschine - but i am absolutely unimpressed and even annoyed with NI as a company.

So their big update for 2.8 is integration of The general feeling over on the maschine forum is that long term users are uninterested in buying loops and more interested in NI delivering the song layer they promised (and now abandoned), as well as feature fixes and a general bringing up to date of the maschine software.

After using reason since v1 or 2, i bought komplete 10 and maschine in a bundle when vsts were announced. I like the idea of the old sampler / mpc workflow. Genuinely, i bought into all the promises and invested a lot of hard earned and long saved up cash to enter into their environment, and since i have been increasingly left feeling duped. Of course, maschine has its strengths, it is decent, but the bahviour of the company is pretty dire.

What do you guys think of it all?

I feel a bit like they are the music2000 or danceEJ of our time, just way way more expensive and trendy. Most of there products have been surpassed now, or there are matched alternatives. They seem to be aggressively marketing at a beginner market who they want to rope into subscriptions ( I feel like much less than "democratising music" they are cheapening it and paving the way for a barren stage of contrived pre made music, but so long as their investors make their return and jump ship in 4 - 5 years, they are more than happy to do it.

Sorry for the rant. i may be off the mark on some stuff. Its just a fascinating drama over there at the moment.

So happy i have reason. thankful for Mattias dropping in here often. and though the props have missed the mark a few times, really, they have been amazingly consistent in years of late. even the r10 update with the drum samples, Europa etc. when i think back i wasn't too impressed (well, with the content orientated update.Europa and Grain were always exciting, and definitely delivered), now these tools are invaluable. The guys are good at what they do and i wish them all the best for the future. Cant wait till the next big update to see what they have in store. I have faith that they will get there in the end with our requests.

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Post 25 Jan 2019

As somebody who just got an MK3, I cannot speak for the drama myself, but sounds similar to the way some users speak of the props...

How have you left feeling duped?

And also, how are you using Maschine with Reason?

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Post 10 Feb 2019

Well, NI placed a big bet on, then came Loopcloud. Sounds was struggling by starting with the wrong subscription/pay model, and no supporting DAW integrated software. Loopcloud is a big business threat, Noiiz is upgrading theirs VST player, ADSR has one (albeit simple), when is Splice dropping their VST browser, who knows, but soon probably. They just have to fix the integration for to survive. Simple as that really... I think that's great but still skeptical to a subscription model, I prefer to grab a loop when I need it and not accumulate 2 mo of points I'm not using, and then loose access if I put the subscription on hold.
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Post 10 Feb 2019

AS a guy who never used a hardware product by NI in my life, I would like to see more people using NI hardware
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