Eyesight deteriorating...fast.

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Post 17 Nov 2018

4filegate wrote:
17 Nov 2018
MrFigg wrote:
17 Nov 2018
Well...it's not getting any better surprisingly. Just been recording for a couple of hours and now I feel I've stepped off a boat that's been on stormy waters for a week. Ech!!!
consult an ophthalmologist? (Many people believe the eyes more than the ears.)
Thanks. Actually got a time booked on Monday.

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Post 17 Nov 2018

eye sight has left the building


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Post 18 Nov 2018

MrFigg wrote:
17 Nov 2018
Thanks. Actually got a time booked on Monday.
:thumbs_up: For my dear 76 yr. lady neighboring I replaced several light bulbs today with stronger ones.

Safety Instructions
• With wired headphones you should avoid sharp movements, which could cause
the headphones to fall off your head. You could be seriously injured especially
if you are wearing pierced earrings, spectacles etc. The cable could wind around
your neck and cause strangulation

found in manual :lol:
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