Do you think about a live 'performance' scenario when putting a track together?

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12 Nov 2017

Just interested in various views or mindsets here. My head can only cope with the compostion side of things for example. A live 'performance' scenario i would find hard to take into account on top of that. The downside i find is don't know how to dismanlte a tack afterwards to account or prepare for this . The way things are going though its something i'm thinking more and more of (saving up for a panama controller). The way the music industry is set up for eg Youtube and people being able to stream and download music for free, alot of music income is dependant on actual gigs and live performances . Obviously when cd's were king and people actually bought music you could say perhaps that the opposite of this was true ;)

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13 Nov 2017

cliplauncher function yes
Reason/FL Studio.

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14 Nov 2017

Two computers running reason, thats the way "a guy called gerald" does it.

Or, just have a track ready to play between loading live sets.

You don't have to dismantle a track, you just have the main loop and you can fade in/out parts with the mixer, mute midi parts and play the live, tweak parts. I think you are overthinking things a bit.

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20 Nov 2017

I do sometimes with certain rock or metal tracks that I have intended to be played with a so far non existing band :D

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20 Nov 2017

I dont just think about a live performance scenario, I give all the virtual musicians a backstory, imagine conversations between them, decide where they stand, what mood they're in and what the light show would be like. Not advice, I'm just insane and I have too much time on my hands.
But seriously, keeping an eye on real life scenarios can help keep your music grounded and prevent it becoming too complex to make a connection with the listener.
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