First Post!

This forum is for anything not Reason related, if you just want to talk about other stuff. Please keep it friendly!
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25 Feb 2015

^^^ Sounds like a plan!

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04 Mar 2015

Sooo, finally found out where the ph forums community has gone! Thank you for this Place!

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05 Mar 2015

Has anyone any tutorials I can watch please? I've found some on Youtube but they're a bit vague :?

(Don't worry, I've found the tutorials thread :thumbup: )

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02 Apr 2015

Wish to say hi to all. Finally I found the forum I was looking for :)

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02 Apr 2015

Hello nscerri!

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17 May 2015

Hello , may start using Reason soon and give VST Hosts a break , purchased a used Reason5 lic awhile back...Is this the place to come learn and hang out as well as YouTube ?

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18 May 2015

Yes, indeed it is!

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19 May 2015

Cool website fella. I'll sift through that when I get a chance.

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22 May 2015

prince_huggy wrote:Cool website fella. I'll sift through that when I get a chance.
Thanks! I'm planning on giving it a proper revamp at some point, though I'm a bit tied up at the moment with other noise-related stuff (always the way! :) )

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20 Jun 2015

I take it there's only one shot allowed on this one... so I will say dare to hope... and who knows your fate?

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04 Jul 2015

Good to be here too. Hello!
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior :thumbs_up:

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13 Jul 2015

Hi guys, first post and just started to get my feel wet with Reason

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13 Jul 2015

auricle wrote:Hi guys, first post and just started to get my feel wet with Reason
Welcome :)
Kenni Andruszkow

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13 Jul 2015

Thanks Kenni!

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21 Aug 2015

Hi there !

Nice to find a place where i can read for hours...:)
As a complete beginner...could you please guide me to the right place ?
...I'm interested more in hip-hop but all the others are also welcome...

take care...1

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02 Feb 2016

Hi all,

First post. This is actually my 3rd.
530 Free Drum Loops - Reason Refills & Many Other Samples

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21 May 2016

Hi y'all I finally found the Reason community through a link at KVR. I have been using Reason since version 2.5 on Mac OS 9 and then skipped to version 6 on Windows. Glad to find these forums. Thanks. :)

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24 May 2016

Casually posting here because I don't want to have "Posts: 0" under my undefined profile pic.

Hi all ! I'm glad to see there is an actual community around Reason, I will read much things in here :) I have been using Reason since v4 (v4-v5-v8) but I'm still kind of a noob.

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24 May 2016


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18 Jun 2016

Almost first post.. Reason user for many years (although it's taken its place next to Live and Logic now).
Reason is still the one that puts a smile on my face.

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22 Jun 2016


Hello Reason users, I'm obviously new here. I first got Reason 2.0 because my ASR-10 had just broke and I needed something quickly just for drums for a pending project, so I used Redrum. I've pretty much always used Performer/Digital Performer as my DAW. Reason has come such a long way so I really got back into it with Reason 7, 8, and now 9. It's since been the primary (only?) DAW that I use now.

Hope I can contribute.

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17 Jul 2016

Hey Reasoners, Norwegian based producer/remixer here. Used Reason since 2.5 and upgraded to 3.0. Then to 6 and to this date, Im using Reason 9. Producing mainly all sorts of electronic music. My quality can vary very, based on my mood and efforts. Recently bought a Novation full-size 61 Impulse, so my production will be alot easier now as I only used the small 25-key Impulse until now. Besides of music producing Im doing digital-art as well. So Im doing a littlebit of everything :) Guess thats what you can call a multiartist.
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14 Aug 2016

Hi ya
I 'm glad that I found this site I've been using reason since 1.0 ,and through time it has proved the the best bang for the buck of any computer "video game" , entertainment.
I am waiting to move #9 #9 #9 #9 to Reason until I move up to an Intel I-5 processor and more RAM. The use of R.E.s and configurations of combinators is slapping my box around like Cassius Clay (mohammad ali) on Sonny Liston.
I explored my interests using Reason and these are examples of all REASON productions

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16 Sep 2016

halo all ,I hope everything turns out fine and am trying to stop putting my foot hard down on the accelerator.
erm had sum flash in the pan success on a big webdesign forum and my head is still in the clouds, thats for those migrating hear from reason station
keep up the beats demt
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hear scince reason 2.5

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