A.I music will take over

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Post 29 Mar 2024

It is inevitable.
It is becoming so good it wont be long until we won't be able to tell the difference. :?

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Post 29 Mar 2024

80% of the stuff on Spotify is like that...
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Post 29 Mar 2024

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Post 29 Mar 2024

I am here, still waiting for A.I. to create funky town 2.0. No prompting. Only from the feedback of their dreams.

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Post 29 Mar 2024

ha, I like ai, I already got ai results that are beyond the imaginable. I think it will not really replace us, but it will go beyond our abilities and increase our creativity and excite us more than we can imagine.. crazy creative ideas!

I'm in some beta group testing a new 48KhZ ai model for text-to-music, very cool stuff.

this topic started way back here
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Post 29 Mar 2024

Meh. Never cared for royalty free music and not gonna start now because it was made algorithmically from stolen data sets.

The pop punk example sounded too much like the green day singer. Hmmm i wonder why... ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hopefully lawmakers will ensure the shit these services pump cannot be copyrighted and thus cannot be commercialized and abused by uncreative losers thinking they will make a buck when in reality the only ones profiting will be these services cause all the potential copyrights of whatever crap gets pumped out actually belongs to them... That is, until the owners of the original material it was trained on take action and then in the end the only ones profiting will be the big labels, as usual. ๐Ÿ™„

Scammers upon scammers upon scammers. All this dumb shit is so fucking ๐Ÿ™„

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Post 02 Apr 2024

Another overview of Suno V3, have to admit it is impressive :thumbs_up:

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Post 02 Apr 2024

Lots of talk here about A.I. taking over music, but I am pretty sure Allen Iverson is not a musician.

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Post 02 Apr 2024

It's impressive on some level but sounds bad in general. I believe in integrated AI tools, something like Soothe2 that suppresses resonances or Steinberg Backbone that creates one-shot percussion samples, or even Synthesizer V and Vocaloid which allow you to compose vocals with "voice banks". But even with these vocals synthesizers, you are still actually writing the lyrics and notes in just like using any other virtual synthesizer, so you're actually doing real work.

The only case of generative AI which could be somewhat useful is if it generates a specific stem from a prompt like "make a dark percussive jungle loop, 8 bars, 144 bpm", but even then I can just make that stem myself just as fast and better instead of generating and searching like a lazy batch. I don't buy that whole shtick of "oh I need inspiration from some sample!". Open a synthesizer, or something, find a cool sound, start. Not to mention generative tools have existed in DAW's, even Reason for decades already, especially in the EDM scene, they can come in the form of Arpeggiators, these Reason players, etc. These particular methods are much more powerful and hands on.

So I don't see a point in generative AI. There's not even a point for companies or content creators to subscribe to these services when there's a TON of royalty free music out there which sounds infinitely better. Right now AI is a huge testing ground so people and many start-ups are experimenting. But integration tools are the only ones that make sense for the future.
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Post 02 Apr 2024

I'm wondering if we'll get a boom-bust cycle like what happened with crypto mining. Generative AI seems quite intensive from a hardware perspective, so how sustainable is the business for sites? Are they largely propped up with venture capital that may dry up in the future? Will garbage in - garbage out cause a decline in the quality of the generated results? Will the glut of AI generated music fuel a larger interest in seeing people play music live?

AI currently is a novelty, but will it wear off for the larger public? I agree with PhillipOrdonez in that scammers will be the most incentivized to keep using it. I also see it as a potentially good tool for DJs. It'll also be the bane of streaming services.

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Post 02 Apr 2024

I'm waiting for AI to replace me. It probably doesn't need much I.

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