Sad news at Native Instruments the other day

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Post 11 Sep 2019

way2cool wrote:
11 Sep 2019
oh no are they’re vst is cancel at this point now?
Nothing is cancelled, they will make their platforms speak to each other, so better user experience is the plan.
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Post 11 Sep 2019

fretshot7 wrote:
04 Sep 2019
Last Alternative wrote:
04 Sep 2019
Why do CEOs make the most money and do the worst damage?
In my working life I have noticed that people who can talk a good game e.g are very articulate seem to get managed well above there level of competence. They also dont like to be undermined by the clever people under them who actually got the company where it is and have the best interests of said company at heart, so they are happy to push them aside and populate important positions with 'yes men' and 'arse lickers'.
It never ends well but these people jump around CEO level jobs in start-ups that are looking to move to the next level, or small to mid sized companies that have lost some key staff and are looking to re-invigorate.

They are normally brought in with mis-spent capital investment, by people who own the company who are susceptible to there sweet talking. By the time they get found out the company is on its last legs and the liquidators are not far from the door.
Have to copy that on my notepad
fl mobile

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Post 11 Sep 2019

Last Alternative wrote:
04 Sep 2019
Why do CEOs make the most money and do the worst damage?
Awesome leadership skills? :puf_smile:

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Post 12 Sep 2019

miscend wrote:
09 Sep 2019
I must be the only person that doesn't like loops even for making electronic music.
No, you're not, my friend. No, you're not.

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Post 12 Sep 2019

I like loops. I'm also not phobic about subscriptions, ilok or hot sauce.

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