Reason official demo songs?

Have some .reason song files you want to share? Make sure to self-contain, specify Reason version and RE's used!
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Does anyone have all of these or know of a place to get them all? I'm digging through my old Reason CDs/DVDs but they don't all seem to be here, I think a bunch were downloadable from the Props website at one time but no longer are. I would love to have these as there were a few I remember wanting to dissect. Can anyone help out here? Thanks!

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I'm having the same question. On the prpellerhead site there are some demo songs, and frankly, when I upgraded to Reason 9, it was a dismail to see the demo song was all about vocals/bounced stuff (not that I don't like that stuff) but it was not based on R9 release. No good.
ReasonExpert may have some, but free download? Don't ask.
If there was a refill with plenty of good Reason9 demo songs to dissect I would Instabuy it. We should raise this voice and see if there is enough request/interest for some pro user to jump in...

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For the older Demo songs I have no idea, literally.

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Maybe you should ask Propellerhead directly in support form and see if there is an archive we could lurk around...

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Current demo songs from Reason ... demo-songs

I have the demo's for Reason 1,2 and 6.5 (or could have been 6).

There is this old thread which I have kicked into touch to see if anything was brought together...

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ryanharlin wrote:
21 Sep 2017
stratatonic wrote:
21 Sep 2017
You'd think Propellerhead would have no problem with the demoes. It would showcase the awesome capabilities of Reason.
Guys... i'm going to jump in and comment to clear up what is clearly some confusion. People didn't seem to read or understand what Noel was saying about our permission or lack of permission to post the demo songs so let me try and clarify:

The question to Propellerhead from Noel was "Would you guys mind if I hosted every Reason demo song from all old versions on my site?"

That answer has two parts for us, which break down like this:

1) Would we like to see a resource like that and are we stoked that someone like Noel does so much archival work for the Reason community? Absolutely! We love what Noel does at Reasonistas and by any objective measure you gotta love someone's initiative to compile this.

2) Are we able to actually give that permission or are we even the right people to be asking? No.

That second question is where the confusion is lying with some people in this thread, so let me be clear in this:

This music is not ours to give permission about. We simply licensed this music from artists over the years, who granted us permission to include it with the version of Reason we were shipping at the time. It's a license agreement... and agreements have terms... and you can't decide on new terms down the road simply because Noel is a nice guy and he has the best of intentions for the community. That wouldn't be fair to the musicians who gave us very specific and limited permissions to use their intellectual property. It's still theirs.

So it's not that we told Noel: "you can't use it." It's that we told Noel "it's not a question that we can answer because it's not our intellectual property." He'd have as much legal standing to ask Ableton if he could host these songs... or McDonalds. Just like they have no legal standing to grant permission on these artists' music, neither do we. Make sense?

If your local movie theater shows Star Wars on the big screen, they're licensing the right to do that from the studio who made that movie. If I contacted the local movie theater and asked them for their permission to screen Star Wars at an event I'm hosting do you think they'd say "sure go for it!" or "um, dude... that ain't our movie. We got permission from Disney and you should too if you want to do that."

It's the same situation. So what we told Noel was: "1) Sounds like an awesome idea. 2) It's not our permission to give, so you'd have to reach out to the artists themselves for their blessing. 3) The only thing we could possibly give our blessing for is the hosting of the files in .reason or .rsn format which of course we have no problem with that.

But the music contained in those files isn't something we have say over.

Hope that makes sense! And I hope that some of you, now that you're getting it, go "Oh actually that's pretty cool of Propellerhead to be aware of and respecting artists' intellectual property. I knew I always liked that Ryan guy. I should send him a birthday card this year." :thumbs_up:

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I feel like you guys overthought this whole thing. The files were meant to be publically released in the first place. The files promote both the composer and the software. Lastly, the worst thing that could happen would be that they'd ask for them to be taken down, then they would be, case closed. Send the files to me, I'll post a link and take full responsibility ;)

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