A DARPA Test (songfile included).

Have some .reason song files you want to share? Make sure to self-contain, specify Reason version and RE's used!

Both or neither?

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Post 01 May 2020

So the question goes as:

Which songfile you'd pick for to finish, if after pressing the play would need to be the main loop in your song?
But also would be the commercial demo of your next planet you born on to.

TIP: It doesn't ask your musical taste though.
TIP2: Jesus loves both styles.

1) http://www.reflexion-x.com/downloads/OA.reason


2) http://www.reflexion-x.com/downloads/AO.reason

PS. Ask my answer about it too if you care to know.

BTW: Feel free to make a song out of this drop ;-)

Have a nice weekend, hope you stay well everyone!

I would choose... ? Ask me if you wanna to. :mrgreen:

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