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by songsmite
30 Aug 2018
Forum: Reason Feature Requests
Topic: Default channel color
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Re: Default channel color

I totally agree. The default colors are very harsh on the eyes now. Try and create a new midi track with yellow and program some notes with the mouse. It's very harsh, I want to change the default to something darker, like dark blue for my tastes. Then my eyes can relax quite a bit.
by songsmite
06 Jul 2018
Forum: Reason Feature Requests
Topic: Rack/arranger multi window linking
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Rack/arranger multi window linking

I find that using a multi-window mode that constantly needs an extra click to view a rack instrument when using the arrange window. Setting the rack and arranger on different windows, then select an instrument or channel on the Arranger page when the Rack window is in the background of another app (...
by songsmite
01 Jul 2018
Forum: Reason General
Topic: What features are REALLY necessary for Reason 11
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Re: What features are REALLY necessary for Reason 11

Still on 9.5 because I already have more than enough instruments and samples of my own. What I want most for paid update is features and settings/preferences! preferences -return to start on stop -remember rack cables setting ("k") -authorize more than one computer (2 - laptop and home) for quicker ...
by songsmite
06 Dec 2017
Forum: Reason General
Topic: Redrum pitch in semitones?
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Redrum pitch in semitones?

Hi all. First post here, I've been Reason user for long time but since Propellerheads forums closed down I never really knew about this place. First question I have is regarding using Redrum pitch control to make pitch accurate adjustments. The manual states the control is +/- 1 octave. However they...